Successful people choose competent staff with the knowledge and skills to develop the business effectively. Sometimes though, you need assistance to tease out these skills, and to empower your staff to believe that they do possess the expertise to do the business.

KMB Partnership offers a full range of bespoke personal coaching services to draw out the exact skills required.

We believe that experience breeds success. Our consultants are experienced and successful business people – when they’re not coaching, they’re actually doing the business.

Courses focus on areas in which KMB has its greatest expertise’ the office environment  personnel development and staff issues. KMB can tailor a course to meet any client requirement.


Uniting People & Performance to Business Success

How can your team improve performance?
What is the purpose of your team?
Do you know what team success looks like?

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is a success”
Henry Ford


Course: Team Management Profile


At KMB partnership we help individuals and teams to maximise their full potential, particularly the role they prefer to play in a team environment. We work with our clients to indentify each person’s characteristics and gifts, knowing when their preferences lie and what their hidden strengths are in line with their personal development.


Course: WHAM - What, How, Able, Motivated


Course: Coaching


The team management profile provides the individual with a unique understanding of how they can choose the types of work and career where they are most likely to excel, where they can make the best contribution to different teams and how to lead and interact more effectively within the team.


Course: Feedback - Improving Performance


Course: Making Change Happen



During the course we cover:




Our approach to this training is relaxed, informal and non-threatening; the nature of the subject is such that it can generate resistance, whereas our approach encourages acceptance.


Course: Planning, Leading and Achieving


Course: Stress Management


We also use a lot of games and quizzes to keep up interest and energy levels.


Course: Time Management


Course: Meetings and Briefings


We achieve a learning outcome that truly enhances personal effectiveness. This outcome provides the ability for individuals and understanding to the true self, learning about the people they work with, building their jobs and teams in the most productive way.


Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing


Course: Equality and Diversity


Course Benefits


“When people are able to harmonise working values, they will generate the energy to deliver outstanding performance”
Dr Dick McCann


Course: Health, Safety & Welfare At Work


How to attend

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