Our Cutting Edge counsel provides:

Modern business throws up challenges that even the smartest entrepreneurs need help to handle. When you’re concentrating on the day to day running of your organisation it isn’t always easy to ensure the human side of the business is effectively managed.

KMB Partnership is one of the first companies on both a regional and national basis that uses its expertise in the HR and recruitment markets to offer business counsels skills.

We provide considered advice on addressing those issues that experience doesn’t always prepare you for.


Is your team fully motivated?
Are there difficult working relationships within your team?
Are your staff reaching their full potential?
Are you paying your staff too much?
Are your staff handling everything they can?


We update you with all current employment legislation.
We assist you in communicating redundancy to the workforce.
We help you manage the internal effects of redundancy of crisis.
We suggest to you on how you can help those who are left.

KMB’s Efficient Counselling skills are indispensable and cost effective.