We deliver training at the intermediate level for Personal Assistants and Executive Secretaries.

Enhancing Potential: Essential Skills for Executive Secretaries

We understand that the role of the Executive Assistant is complex and demanding, requiring great skill and dexterity at many levels; successfully operating at executive level requires a profound understanding of the strategic direction of the organisation; and the needs of those who drive it.

We offer bespoke coaching and training programmes to address the complexities facing Executive Secretaries and focus on the growth of the individual in all aspects of their role; from managing internal and external relationships to influencing and leading the critical partnership between Executive and Executive Assistant.

The results of our programmes take Executive Secretaries to a new level of working, pushing the boundaries of their role and actively developing the business relationship they have with their Executive.

This is a focused, high level training programme specifically designed for Executive Secretaries that will provide you with the skills to:

This unique programme gives Executive Secretaries a deep insight into the significance of their role within the management team and the organisation. We have developed this programme from our experience of working 1-2-1 with Executive Secretaries in different sectors and you will benefit from developing the same skills that these Executive Secretaries have used to support some of the toughest executives in the business world.

We have thoroughly researched and structured this programme to meet the complex development needs of Executive Secretaries based on current patterns and trends of how this professional group are required to operate at Executive level.

It has been developed and is delivered by seasoned and highly experienced former Executive Secretaries with experience of delivering training at the highest corporate level across the world. It is a fast paced and intensive programme to ensure delegates receive maximum benefit from their time away from the office.

This focused high level training programme has been specifically designed for Executive Secretaries and will provide you with skills to:

This unique programme gives Executive Programmes a deep insight into the significance of their role within the management team and the organisation.

We understand what Executive Secretaries have to manage on a day to day basis and this programme addresses those complexities.

You will have the opportunity to focus on the business partnership you have with your Executive, including key ways in which to develop critical communication and information flows.

You will develop your management, communication and influencing skills, in addition to developing strong systems to underpin the needs of your Executive and Office, including self management and effective prioritisation techniques in managing your time and workload.

This is a fast paced and intensive programme to ensure delegates receive maximum benefit from their time away from the office, with emphasis on delegates discovering their own strategies to fit the needs of their Executive and organisation.

The programme is highly interactive and delegates will be expected to actively take part in excises and group discussions.


Learning Objectives

By the end of the programme you will be able to:

Duration: 1 day.


Achieving Exceptional Performance: Essential Skills for Personal Assistants

This course was designed specifically for Personal Assistants who would like to be more proactive in supporting their boss and enhancing their contribution to their organisation. The course will ensure that you prove invaluable to your company, and will help you manage multiple responsibilities more effectively and efficiently.

This course will enable you to:

In addition, you will be provided with some useful, practical tools to practice at work.

Pre-Course Evaluation

Prior to the course you will be asked to complete two questionnaires: "Team Roles" and "Influencing Skills".

The Team Roles Questionnaire will help you establish your preferred and natural team role skill. You will focus not on what you can't do, but rather on what you do best - and discover how you can achieve more by working to your own strengths.

The Influencing Skills Questionnaire will enable you to understand the six key influencing skills and to measure your own success in applying them.

Increasing awareness of self and others

Influencing and Interpersonal Effectiveness In this session you will discover the importance of effective interpersonal communication and develop new approaches to increase your influencing skills in each of the following six key areas:

  1. Assertiveness
  2. Applying your Skills
  3. Developing Political Awareness
  4. Preparing Effectively
  5. Powerful Presentation Skills
  6. Becoming More Client Orientated

Effective Teamworking

Working Smarter Not Harder – Prioritising Effectively for Yourself and Your Boss

Enhancing Your Boss’s Performance

Compelling Communication

Handling Difficult Situations

Your Personal Action Plan You will finish the programme by developing a Personal Action Plan with milestones and performance indicators.

Duration: 2 days.


Team Management Profile / Developing Your Role Course
Course Title Code - 11132
How to be an effective PA  
Effective time management  
Developing your organisational skills  
Proactive Management  
Supporting Your Manager and Teams
Course Title Code - 11133
Supporting Individuals  
Team Structures  
Motivating to perform in the workplace  
Managing and Working with People
Course Title Code - 11134
Dealing with conflict  
Planning, Leading and Achieving  
Managing team and Individual Performance  
Organisation and Efficiency
Course Title Code - 11135
Meetings and Briefings  
The Efficient Office Worker  
Organisational Skills  
Professional Administration
Course Title Code - 11136
Expert Guide to Interviews  
Expert Guide to Interviews  
Interview and Appraisal Methods  
Customer Service Code - 11137
Handling Pressure  
Customer First  
Personal Effectiveness
Course Title Code - 11138
Communication Skills and Techniques  
Building Effective Relationship  
Developing yourself and others  


Our Learning Solutions

Our training courses are delivered either as open scheduled events at training locations around the country, or can be customised to suit your organisation’s requirements.