The KMB Partnership

The KMB Partnership is a company which is all about swift, effective and professional response to your business requirements.

KMB is also a market leader in the provision of complementary services to meet the demand of today’s business environment.

Evolving through its heritage in West London, The KMB Partnership has developed its own business and expanded operations across the UK.

Whatever your challenges are - KMB is not merely what you need to do, it’s who you need to see.

The KMB Partnership is a niche training organisation that specialises in designing and delivering PA and office professional training. Through experience, research and development, we have identified the core skills, behaviours and competencies required at the various stages of the office professional career.

In a world of increasing technological development and ever changing markets, there remains one most vital competitive advantage that every organisation can with care and skill maintain – human capital.

The demand for well qualified, experienced and talented employees is both continuous and competitive.

Exacerbated by the growth of on-line and other innovative recruitment techniques, it can be a constant battle to find and retain high calibre staff at the professional administrative level. However, here lies an opportunity. Organisations that really recognise their employee’s true worth can capitalise on the invaluable asset by taking the time and trouble to invest in the future by optimising the performance of their people through both personal and professional development.

In essence, it’s about winning the war for talent! The KMB Partnership offers a combination of expert advice and practical solutions tailored to meet your individual needs.

Our aim is to support individuals through personal development and the acquisition of new skills so they might develop to their full potential within their organisations – thus offering potential growth for the individual and business alike.

Not only are we equipped to gauge the most appropriate training programmes to meet individual and corporate needs, we also have specialists on our team who can offer a combination of consultancy and training to lend practical support where an overall business challenge has identified Professional Development as a key issue.