Feedback - Improving Performance

Every organization needs good management, management excel in people skills through giving effective negative feedback in bringing about an improvement in performance.

Aims and Objective

Who should attend?

Line Managers and Supervisors

The four key principles

  1. To be clear and precise about the feedback a manager need to give
  2. Ability to focus on the facts, not the person
  3. To Seek agreement, and
  4. Review progress.

Course Content



Course: WHAM - What, How, Able, Motivated
Course: Coaching
Course: Making Change Happen
Course: Team Management Profile
Course: Time Management
Course: Planning, Leading and Achieving
Course: Stress Management
Course: Meetings and Briefings
Course: Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing
Course: Equality and Diversity
Course: Health, Safety & Welfare At Work