Team Management Profile

At the heart of our work is the Team Management Profile, an extensively researched and proven psychometric tool that show how personal development is the critical first step to high performance team working, looking at where your motivation lies, how you can best contribute to team success and how you are likely to lead, manage and link with others who may have different perspectives on the world of work. It can be used with team members, managers and leaders, but is at its most powerful when used to build and sustain high energy teams.

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Client feedback on the Team Management Profile

The facilitated sessions provided a frame work for the feedback process and it has helped me to develop and realise that goals and expectations are often confused. For teamwork to be effective, it is critical that we understand what each person’s working values are because these can influence our motivation and the way we approach our work.

I found this tool really helped me to develop a strong awareness, knowing clearly what is most important and where energies need to be focused within the team in our organisation.
Keith Symonds, Halifax

We use the Team Management Profile to help build a blueprint within the company for meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, colleagues and stakeholders. Individuals rank the importance of task areas and indicate how well they think the team is doing hence the profile is widely used for team creation and team building to help staff/employees understand themselves and colleagues more easily, within the organisation.
Beatrice Haines, Suffolk

The Level of team performance has increased within the company since applying and using the Team Management Profile. Some areas of neglect within the organisation and focusing too many people on a limited area of tasks are now things of the past.
Robin Lee, Cardiff


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